Monday, July 29, 2013

Young, Fabulous, and Broke?

Career Advice for The Young, Fabulous, and Broke:

So you have a direction you want to go, let's call it an interest that you think could one day become your passion. You need experience but you also

We all want the big house, the big bucks, the big breakthrough, the big success, the "next big thing..." We are an impatient generation that wants immediate gratification and we want the "next big thing" now. Unfortunately we can't get everything we want right off the bat.

Sacrifices need to be made and in most cases, we need to sacrifice money for experience. At this stage in our lives (recently graduated, recently pursuing a new interest) we need to realize that our first job is about gaining the experience that we need in order to contribute to our passion, not about getting the highest pay possible.

But how will we survive those first couple years without making enough money? Suze Orman gives a great talk about pursuing your passions, what you may need to sacrifice in order to get there, and what you can do in order to survive.

Young, Fabulous, and Broke

Marykate Kelly
Corporate Relations Manager

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