Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MSBA Student Accepts Job with Non-Profit

Job Report:  Anthony Astorga

I am currently working as a Business Development Analyst for a non-profit organization in Silver Spring, MD called Trees for the Future (TFTF).  My main responsibilities are to create, oversee, and maintain reports to measure monthly and annual donation variance while also
implementing strategic business plans for future business partners and grants.

My journey to this position all started when I saw information on the MSBA program on a flyer on the CUA campus.  After reading more, I decided to take a chance and apply for a Master's program.  The day before my undergraduate graduation in 2012, I received a call from Stew McHie (MSBA Program Director) that I was accepted into the program.

You don't just get an education from the MSBA program, you get to experience real world scenarios in which you are put in the position of a business professional making important business decisions.  An example of this is theField Team Study with Amtrak that taught me about teamwork, perseverance, and making the client happy.  I use these skills in the office every day and working with a team is easier now than ever before.

The MSBA program then introduced me to Trees for the Future to do an internship that was intricately woven into my class schedule.  Through my education in the MSBA program, I provided a set of skills that the organization admired and was looking for in a young employee.

As a result, I was offered a full time position.

The MSBA program is unlike any education I have ever received and I am eternally grateful for the dedication, experience, and support that came from everyone involved in the program.

Anthony Astorga
MSBA Class of 2013

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  1. You will gain fantastic experience Anthony and this is such a worthwhile organization. I know they will appreciate your talents and passion. It was a pleasure working with you over the past year!
    -Prof. McHie