Monday, July 1, 2013

Andrew Browne Meets his Goals

Andrew Browne job report!  It was a real pleasure working with you Andrew. - Prof. McHie

Following graduation from the MSBA program, I was hired as Manager of Marketing and Donor
Andrew, Fulton and Haley
Relations for San Miguel School in Washington, D.C.  San Miguel School is an independent Catholic school founded by the Lasallian Christian Brothers.  I began working at San Miguel as an intern thanks to the recommendation of Assistant Dean Phil Brach.  I also had offers from Bishop McGuiness Catholic High School and Christ the King Catholic Church in Oklahoma, as well as Americans United for Life in Washington, DC.  It was a good problem to have!

Overall, the MSBA program exceeded my expectations.  Through the program I was able to meet my two important personal goals.  First, having at least three job offers by graduation and second, doubling my salary from my previous position, both of which I accomplished.  I now look forward to bringing my background and these newly acquired skills to the non-profit world.

I am originally from the great state of Oklahoma and earned my Sociology degree at the University of Central Oklahoma.  I also minored in German and Political Science.  Having graduated in December of 2008 (you know, when the economy crashed) I began to realize I would need business skills for a career that could provide for my family.  I had to work multiple jobs in order to get by and started noticing the friends who were not struggling were the ones who had degrees in business and engineering. 

While working as the Director of Campus Ministries at the University of Central Oklahoma, I accompanied a group of students to Washington for the annual March for Life, which occurs every January.  While attending the Students for Life conference there was a mention of job booths with people looking to hire pro-life students.  I curiously entered the room and went to the only guy wearing a suit, Stew McHie, with the impression he must be a “high-roller” willing to give me  a position in a company.  To my disappointment he was only recruiting for a new Masters Program at The Catholic University of America.  However, on the 24 hour bus ride back to Oklahoma I had time to read the material Professor McHie provided and immediately saw the value in the program.  I especially liked the one-year aspect and that it was rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.

After making the decision with my wife Haley, an even harder decision than the one to get married, I committed and joined the MSBA program here at the Catholic University of America.  Immediately, I began to see value in the program.  The things that immediately stood out were the professors who were also professionals in various fields that brought with them years of experience from the real world. We were also taught the value of networking and that it is integral to success.  Furthermore, the program proved to me that my liberal arts education had value and by adding the business knowledge I was a much more desirable candidate when applying for various positions.  Finally, I discovered that I had a talent for marketing, which has benefited San Miguel these last few months.

Andrew Browne
MSBA Class of 2013

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