Friday, October 7, 2016

CPA Alyson Miller speaks to MSBA cohort

The feel of fall is definitely in the air! While we continue to enjoy these milder temperatures outdoors, this year's cohort continues to work hard.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Alyson Miller from Brand USA. Alyson, a Montana native and self-described "unexpected CPA" who has a passion for public policy, has spent the greater part of her career working for non-profit organizations as a CPA, most recently in the Washington, D.C. area. She explained to the MSBA cohort that as students with liberal arts backgrounds, they already have a leg up on communication skills. Business and liberal arts combined will have a huge and positive impact on many businesses, she stated.
Alyson advised the class on different ways to show faith is an integral part of life in an interview as well as in the workplace and how to determine if that workplace is right for them. She gave some specific advice to the women of the MSBA class, urging them to always ask for the things they want and feel that they deserve in their careers. "You can be humble, kind and respectful without devaluing yourselves. Have faith and confidence in your values!", she urged them. She also impressed upon the cohort the importance of taking pride in their appearance. "Dressing well matters," she said. "How you present yourself affects how people perceive you."

Lastly, Alyson relayed that acts of goodwill and helping out coworkers when you can in any area will go a long way in the workplace. She stated by asking, "How can I help the people around me?", one will certainly build good professional relationships and show leadership at work.

Thank you again, Alyson, for spending your evening with us!

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