Monday, July 15, 2013

Is Your Networking Not Working?

Searching for a job/ internship is all about utilizing the people you know and who they know. I know it can be intimidating to approach a past co-worker, manager, professor, or even family member about what they do and who they know, but believe me, the connections you make now will lead you to more connections and possibly even your next career move!

I knew about this opening for my current role as Corporate Relations Manager at CUA because I kept in touch with my professors, asked for their advice/ knowledge, expressed my interests to them, and explained my expertise. I would have never known this next step in my career was right at my fingertips if I had not reached out and asked for information/advice on the job hunt.

My cousin I know is currently having difficulty in his networking, mostly because he isn't doing it or doesn't know where to begin/ how to do it, or he feels he has already exhausted his personal contacts. I know he isn't the only one in this situation, so below is just one article to get you thinking about how to network outside of personal contacts in the right way. Networking is not about asking for a job. It is about gaining insight and knowledge into an industry or company that may interest you. In networking, patience really is a virtue.
Go in thinking about building a relationship first/ getting to know your contact, then the job will follow.

Why Your Networking Isn't Working

This article applies to both graduates and undergraduates who are looking to network with people outside of their personal network. It lists 6 things to be mindful of and how to network appropriately. This goes along with my previous post on networking, so below is the link to that article again. It's definitely worth reading!

3 Networking Habits To Drop And What To Do Instead

Marykate Kelly
Corporate Relations Manager

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