Monday, July 8, 2013

MSBA Student Gets Job in NYC

Job Report: Winfred Amoako  

I landed on a job right after school with Carat Media in New York City as an Assistant Planner on the Home Depot Account. My main responsibilities are to plan, implement and execute various advertising campaigns for Home Depot.

MSBA field trip to New York City.
At the NY Stock Exchange.
In January this year, my class and Professors embarked on a field trip to visit various companies in New York.   Through that trip, I fell in love with Carat. In deed the various career development sessions we had with Professor Rompf (Career Strategy and Development Professor) paid off greatly and I used those skills to network and build relationships at Carat.

Backing up to how I got into this program; my dad in Africa calls one day asking that I speak
The conference in Ghana where
Dr. Engelland met my dad.
with Associate Dean, Dr Engelland who he met with at a conference in Accra-Ghana. By then it was barely a month till the commencement of 2013 cohort. But with the help of the Program Director, Professor McHie, I worked my way into the program and also got an internship quickly.

I must also say that our Team Field Studies with Amtrak last semester helped mold me for my current job with Carat. Our main objectives were to come out with the best recommendation for Amtrak to use in implementing a new strategy to personalize their website. 

On the whole, the MSBA program far exceeded my expectations. I took away from the program great friends that I can call family, wonderful and supportive faculty and great self esteem. 

Winfred Amoako
MSBA Class of 2013


  1. What a marvelous journey this young man had beginning with winning the lottery in Ghana for a US Visa (yes, you heard right) to making his way to New York City and working at Whole Foods, to Washington, DC and the Master of Science in Business Analysis program at The Catholic University of America. What courage and perseverance it took to complete this program and land a job at one of the world's leading media agencies in New York City. We were all blessed to have you in our program Winfred. -Prof. McHie

  2. I'm so proud of you, Win! Go gett'em at Carat! You can expect a visit from me soon!