Monday, August 12, 2013

What Makes You Stand Out?

What Makes You Stand Out?

Most of us when applying to jobs make sure our resumes and cover letters are perfect. We spend hours proofreading and editing and tailoring our skills to the job at hand. But what happens once we receive an interview? Why are we not spending hours preparing for the most important part of actually getting the job? Some people take for granted or don't know how to really prepare themselves for an interview.

Your cover letter and resume are what get you an interview, but your personality and intangible traits are what land you the job. It is about highlighting your best qualities and relating them exactly to the job you are applying for.  This article in the Washington Post is a short explanation of how to prepare to talk about your intangible skills in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd and impress the employer.

Also, below is a short video helping you answer one of the most important questions in an interview, Why should I hire you?

Hope this helps in your search!

Marykate Kelly
Corporate Relations Manager

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  1. Marykate,Excellent article and tools available here. I hope some of our Alums, and others, will share some stories of their interview techniques that worked and those to be avoided.

    Stew McHie, Director, MSBA Program