Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MSBA meets NYC Picture Recap

Last week, 23 of our CUA MSBA students attended our annual New York City Trip. We had a great time visiting companies such as DDB, Interbrand, the New York Stock Exchange, JP Morgan, Fox Business News and many others. Thanks to all the companies who made our visit possible and to our stellar students. A special thanks to Varanun for making the great video!


"An experience I will not forget. I met some incredible leaders in business who inspired me to work hard and strive for excellence. Overall, I feel much closer to the MSBA cohort and that the experience has given me a greater appreciation for how businesses operate and how much passion drives success.” - Sean Russell Wilson

At Times Square
 "The trip to New York was absolutely incredible! We spent days at some of the best companies and got to meet so many new exciting people, but the best part was definitely growing closer to my classmates - it is an experience that I won't forget!" - Patty Fabijanczyk

Made it to the hotel safe and sound!
 "The NYC trip was a true learning and bonding experience. While visiting numerous diverse companies, I learned a lot about the type of work environment that I will thrive best in. It was also fun to spend time and get to know our MSBA class even better!" - Kendall Swenson

On the way to JP Morgan
 "The NY trip was a great experience for our group. Travel is a necessary evil in the business world; fortunately, busy travel days become a lot more bearable when you're surrounded by 25 good friends. We were lucky to be able to share this experience as a class. Use your travel time wisely; smile, say thank you, and compliment the people you meet." - Julie Brownell

Studying hard on the train to NYC
 "It was a great way to bond with our class." - Caitlin Wiggins

Joe Liebman, account planner at DDB, explains the role of research in developing client communications
 "The trip to New York was a great experience for me. I have lived in New York my entire life but never had the chance to visit businesses, learn the inside aspects of the companies or walk around the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! The trip was exciting and educational, which is how the MSBA program has been this semester" - Victoria Capozucca

Professor Shatzen discusses quantitative methods with Joe Liebman
 "It was exciting to see the vast number of opportunities in a wide variety of industries and businesses." - Pat Fricchione

Outside the New York Stock Exchange

 "I think seeing different industries appealing to everyone is class was very beneficial. Also – I think sleep and hunger are for the weak (you guys know what I’m talking about). The trip was an excellent experience. I made great connections and would highly recommend the trip to future MSBA students." - Matthew Miano

At the W hotel after a long day of company visits

 “The trip was spectacular, it really changed my perspective on the variety of jobs there are. It was really helpful getting to meet CUA graduates working in these different companies and getting to know how they got there." - Shea Lilly

On the way to the New York Stock Exchange

This class continues to show promise and we are excited to see what next semester holds.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

MSBA Advisory Board Meeting and Mentor Meet and Greet

The School of Business and Economics Advisory Board gathered in the beautiful May Gallery in  John T. Mullen library recently to kick off the new academic year and meet their MSBA student mentees.  The board, comprised of local business leaders and executives, is instrumental in advising us on the latest trends in hiring and ensuring we are adjusting our curriculum to reflect the needs of employers.  During this session, Dr. Abela reviewed the long term strategy for the School of Business and a discussion ensued about how to increase the visibility of the school and its mission.

Ms. Kelly addressing the Advisory Board

The board was extremely impressed and complimentary of the work Corporate Relations Manager Marykate Kelly has done in putting together an organization focused on ensuring all School of Business undergraduate and graduate students are prepared to find that all-important first job. 


 After reviewing this year’s MSBA class recruiting results and discussing ideas to extend the reach of the program, the current class joined the meeting to be paired with their Advisory Board mentor and enjoy a reception.  The mentoring program is an important and popular feature of the MSBA program and gives our students another important touch point in the community and in the business world.

I look forward to watching these relationships grow into lifelong networking opportunities.  Thanks to all of our advisory board for their great advice and support.
-Stewart McHie
Director-Master of Science in Business Analysis

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