Thursday, September 21, 2017

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? The Importance of English Majors in Business

Miguel Hernandez, MSBA '18, graduated from CUA as an English major. Below, Miguel writes about the value of his degree and how business skills can complement his studies:

When I tell people that I majored in English, the usual response I get is; "Oh! Do you want to be a teacher?" My response is always; "No, I actually want to go into business." I'm then given a bewildered look followed by an empty; "Oh, that's nice." I understand why people are confused that I chose English as my major even though I wanted to go into business, but for me, the decision was crystal clear.

What makes being an English major so great is the opportunity to see the world through different perspectives. By simply opening a book, and reading what the author has to say, I'm allowing myself to be fully engrossed in the author's thoughts, experiences, and emotions. By doing so, I'm gaining experience myself. I'm able to see the world through a different mindset, the author's mindset, and connect that to my life.

You might be asking; "where is the value in that?" In business, CEO's are faced with dilemmas all the time. Their problem-solving skills have to be top-notch in order to fully run a successful business. CEOs don't have the same solution for every problem, instead they see things through a different perspective, offer a solution that no one has thought of, or recognize an appropriate solution by someone other than himself/herself. I believe that's what makes businesses so great. The ability to adapt to any situation has become a necessary characteristic for a company to survive in any industry. English majors are trained to analyze and deconstruct situations, regardless of the environment. Yes, we are also great writers, but the ability to think critically is what makes us an intangible asset to any company.

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