Monday, September 18, 2017

A Beautiful Collision: Liberal Arts Education and The Business World

Leah Sophia Szews, MSBA '18, is a Communications Intern at Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Below, Leah discusses the overlap of her undergraduate degree in Media Studies and business:

"The mingling of the business world and a liberal arts education is not always the happiest of marriages, but when it works, it becomes an elegant union of thoughtfulness and effectiveness.

During my undergraduate studies, I was searching for a degree that would balance the practicality of business and the creativity of a liberal arts education. This was a defining consideration point when I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications Studies at The Catholic University of America. By offering challenging courses that developed my ability to communicate effectively, write cohesively and think analytically, the major offered a valuable skill set and the balance that I sought. My internships have exercised the skill set garnered through my undergraduate degree. Whether it was partaking in the editing and content development process of a newsletter, planning, and promoting an event or managing telephone communications for an office—the skill set of communicating effectively, writing cohesively, and thinking analytically emerged as a crucial components to finding success in the office.

While a liberal arts education and the business world may seem polar opposite, I urge you to take a closer look and consider the potential of such a beautiful collision."

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