Friday, October 13, 2017

½ Cup of Engineering and ½ Cup of Business: A Recipe for Success

Christine Awad, MSBA '18, joins our class as a Mechanical Engineering major from Purdue University.

"After all my undergraduate experiences, I have come to realize I have acquired numerous insights and skills that are extremely critical in the business world. First, I have learned how to problem solve using research methods and analytical tools. Knowing how to handle data and information will allow me to generate innovative ideas to produce goods and services for any organization. Second, I have learned how to communicate material effectively and efficiently. I will be able to add to an organization’s continued growth by appropriately communicating to all its stakeholders. Lastly, I have mastered the art of teamwork which is the epitome to solving business problems. I can work with individuals of all personalities to devise solutions that meet customer needs.

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Now, I am currently focused on becoming a well-rounded professional by continuing my studies in The Catholic University of America’s Master of Science in Business Analysis program. Having technical and business focused backgrounds will surely help me tackle any challenges the technical/business world throws at me!"

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