Thursday, April 20, 2017

MSBA Student Success Testimonial Series: Billy Goodyear

Billy Goodyear, MSBA '17, will be returning to work as an Action Officer at the Pentagon. He will be working on Ballistic Missile Defense Policy for OPNAV.

Q: Why did you choose the MSBA Program?  

The one year program in addition to the DC location were great selling points.  I also really liked that the professors weren’t pure academics.  They were individuals who had work experience and were very successful in their particular fields. They were able to convey real world information about being successful and what works.

Q: What will you be doing after graduation, and what will your title be?  

I will be going back to the Pentagon to work on Ballistic Missile Defense Policy for OPNAV.  My title will be Action Officer.

Q: How did you get interested in this type of work? 

I became interested in this work while I was stationed on the USS LAKE ERIE in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  While on board, I was the Fire Control Officer and served an integral role on the ship for planning and execution of ballistic missile defense missions.

Q: How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career path?

It has helped prepare me because even in the world of the military, understanding money and the proper management of money are critical to success.  I will be using what I have learned about civilian lead businesses to help the Navy better understand the civilian side of defense acquisitions and better serve our taxpayers.

Q: What from the program stands out specifically that you think helped prepare you for a career in this field?  

The accounting and financial management classes go hand in hand with each other and have helped me better understand the lingo of those fields and how business and corporation really operate and account for their money.

Q: Can you recall a favorite memory from the program?  

My favorite memories from the program are the relationships and networks built with the other students.  Each of us is our own unique individual and experiencing the learning and execution of the program alongside these other great people helped increase the experience and learning for all of us.

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