Friday, April 21, 2017

MSBA Student Success Testimonial Series: Luke Bader

Luke Bader, MSBA '17 has accepted a job offer as a Community Manager for the FAIR Institute at RiskLens. Below, Luke answers some questions about his time with the program and how it helped prepare him for his career path.

Q: Why did you choose the MSBA Program?
I chose the MSBA Program because I knew that it was going to provide me with an amazing education, allow me to connect with so many smart, talented, good people, and offer me a time for personal growth and development. I was confident in my decision because I trust CUA and I admire and respect the professors and staff that work so hard to make the program great.

Q: What company will you be working for, and what will your title be?
I will be working at RiskLens, a cyber security and risk analysis company. I will specifically be the Community Manager for the FAIR Institute which is the premier organization for industry experts to join and share ideas with one another. In addition, I will be working with the public and private sectors to encourage companies to continue to increase their cyber security standards.

Q: How did you get interested in this type of work?
I’m very excited for this position because I am going to be doing multifaceted work. I will have responsibilities in marketing, management, and government relations. RiskLens and the FAIR Institute are both growing and have a lot of opportunity in the future so I am really happy to be able to use my skills to help it grow more.

Q: How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career path?
The MSBA program has given me so much confidence in myself and my knowledge. This program highlights the most important insights of a business curriculum and does a wonderful job of instilling those into the students. I know for certain that I am graduating with real life skills that I can use in my career.

Q: What from the program stands out specifically that you think helped prepare you for a career in this field?
One of the greatest strengths of the program are the professors. They are all experienced, professional, and caring people who only want the students to succeed and to be happy. Each of my professors has made a lasting impact me that I will use throughout the rest of my life. They have prepared me well and I thank them for their leadership in the MSBA program

Q: Can you recall a favorite memory from the program?

For my Capstone Field Team Study project, I was put on a team that was aimed to be a consultant for Ristorante i Ricchi, a traditional Tuscan Italian restaurant in D.C. Some of my favorite memories have been working with my team and the professors on how to best increase the awareness of the restaurant and help them communicate better with the Millennial generation. Additionally, the perks are that we have been eating really well with some delicious pastas!  

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