Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Awesome blog post and by current MSBA student Rachel Coffman and a great response by many of her classmates (make sure to check out her blog here). Time management is always of utmost importance, but is not always easy. It's so nice to see our cohort acting as positive influences and supporting each other. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Coffman MSBA 2014: Accounting.....: Start of a new week in the lovely MSBA program! Can we always have Monday's off? Just kidding, how could we have Quant and Leadership that way?! Sunday night was rough I think for most of us regarding the Quant homework...but I'm proud of us for making it through! I love how quickly our group chat turned into constant messages with each other. It doesn't always have to be about homework (Sunday it mostly was...) but regarding how we all communicate with each other I think we are doing really well. At least for myself I did not expect us to dive head first into this program so quickly, but I'm really glad we did. I'm already starting to learn so many new things, and lately every time a friend or family member of mine asks me about this program I always tell them the same thing. I say it is so refreshing to have all of the classes you are taking be something that you are interested in and actually want to learn. Personally, my undergrad was filled with filler courses and endless boring PowerPoint slides made up of material I knew I did not want to carry out in my career. I know in college you do have to go through those classes, however, the MSBA program is not like that. It is great to know that these classes all consist of specific goals with learning materials aiming for us to thrive in whichever aspect of business we decide to pursue. In this program we are all so motivated and you can tell we all want to succeed. I think that just pushes us that much further. Now with this accounting quiz tomorrow...I should go study...
  1. Good
    luck on that quiz Rachel! Just remember that you can all master this
    stuff, especially quant and accounting. Simple but not easy. And the
    satisfaction you'll derive from conquering these courses will be
    immense. I've see it happen in four successful MSBA classes now.
  2. Rachel,
    I feel the same way! It's so refreshing knowing that every person is
    trying their hardest and it makes everyone work even harder. Also,
    working on Quant last week made something intimidating turn into a fun
  3. Hi
    Rachel! I am also very glad about the group chat that we all have
    established. It really opens up the lines of communication... Both
    educationally and socially! It feels comforting to know that I am not
    the only person feeling a little overwhelmed with the change in
    curriculum since undergrad; I am sure, however, that with each others'
    help we will all make it through!

    Now to send some silly emoji into the Groupme...

    See you in class and stay strong! Currently working on quant...

  4. Rachel
    I really enjoy how you post the same way you talk. It makes it much
    more personable to read! I totally agree about the relevance of the
    classes! Why did I take art history in undergrad? Who benefited from
    that? No one lol. But with the program this are all useful skills (even
    though there are some I will happily delegate to some other well paid
  5. Rachel!
    I completely agree with Caitlin's statement above, in that I could
    literally hear your voice as I was reading your blurb! I like how this
    post is so down to earth. Also ironic that it is entitled "Accounting,"
    since we just spent 5 million years doing those journal entries in the

    See you tomorrow! Good luck at work in the morning!
  6. Hi
    Rachel, I really liked that you touched on how the MSBA classes have
    this goal-oriented unity to them. Already, we have seen different
    concepts like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs come up in both Managing the
    Enterprise and Marketing. Since we are taking six classes this semester,
    it is so helpful to see the same concepts reinforced throughout our
    classes, even though we might be learning about it from a different
    perspective. I often think back to orientation, when we were trying to
    put together the puzzle that had the diagram of all of our courses on
    it. It is fun to see how the classes we are taking now, are slowly
    shaping into the "bigger picture" as we are learning about so many
    different aspects of business.

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