Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Interview with MSBA Graduate with New Job

Anatole Doak took the time to speak with us about his position at World First Foreign Exchange. Anatole graduated from the MSBA program in May 2014 and has already seen great success. We are proud of his accomplishments and wish him the best in all his future endeavors. 

Anatole Doak - MSBA class of 2014

Tell us a little about the company.

I work at World First on the business development team.  World First is an international payments company.  The service we provide is wire transfers from companies here in the United States to those overseas.  We convert foreign currency and transfer the money to overseas accounts.

What do you do at World First?

My job involves lead sourcing, calling prospects, on-boarding them until they sign up and then transitioning them over to our relationship management team.

How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career?

Coming from a liberal arts background,I didn't know too much about business.  The MSBA program gave me the tools I needed to understand clients and companies and be able to develop relationships with clients. 

What stands out from the program that helped you obtain this position?

What helped me the most was definitely the networking aspect.  I met so many people and every opportunity I had was through networking; the MSBA program really stressed that.  I knew somebody who worked at my company and I was able to reach out to her.  We spoke and I was able to apply for this job.

Can you share a favorite memory?

We went bowling one night in New York and really got to know everyone in the program.  I also remember finals in the spring.  We all studied in Professor McHie's office and he would would come in and hang out with us and we'd order pizza.  It was a great experience because everyone was trying to get their stuff done and it was great to see everyone getting things accomplished.  

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