Monday, June 18, 2012

Penton Media Hires Second MSBA Grad

2012 MSBA Grad Jethro Higgins

Jethro Higgins, a native of Eugene, Oregon, is working at Penton Marketing Services as a media analyst.  Jethro follows in the footsteps of 2011 MSBA grad Lauren Keates who also began her career at Penton.  In addition, we congratulate Jethro and his wife on the recent birth of a son!  Certainly a busy time in his life.  

Jethro earned his degree in Religious Studies at the University of Oregon while also serving as full time Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at St. Mary Catholic Church.  He is a talented musician having grown up in a musical family but decided that a professional career in music was not the right path for him.  Taking some business courses as an undergrad and working at an IT help desk led Jethro toward a business career and the MSBA program.  

Jethro will be part of the elistening team at Penton Marketing Services.  In his role he will be responsible for tracking brand sentiment within the social media landscape and develops recommendations for clients. 

Speaking of the MSBA experience, Jethro says, "For me the MSBA was a chance to increase my value to prospective employers.  In the next decade, I plan to enter the Church as a deacon, and I want to educate myself in these matters to bring a better sense of business awareness to parish offices.  Through the MSBA program I developed professional skills that will help me keep the Church fiscally responsible and develop and grow our ministry.  The MSBA program gave me a deep look into how the different roles within a corporation work together to further the organization's goals.  The Church should be no different and I look forward to applying the things I have learned in the MSBA program, and my future work experience into improving the business functions of the Church."  Jethro Higgins - MSBA Class of 2012

Professor Stewart McHie
Program Director, MSBA

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