Thursday, June 28, 2012

Naples, FL start-up hires MSBA Graduate

Dan Shnaider, a native of Western Massachusetts and a graduate of the MSBA program, recently accepted a position with Leadaloft in Naples, FL.  Leadaloft is a business support website/mobile device platform connecting small companies and entrepreneurs.  Dan is joining the start up as an account rep.

Dan earned a degree in History at Ave Maria University and was always interested in the business world.  his interests include marketing, sales and operations.  While at CUA he designed and built a website to promote the Havard Leadership Institute education seminar held on campus in April, 2012.

"As an undergraduate I studied History, and learned how to think and write well.  But I had always wanted to go into business after graduation, and I lacked the skills, training and guidance to become a successful young professional.  Moreover, I stuttered my way through all my presentations. The MSBA program gave me tools I never had before, as well as countless hours of presentation practice. When I graduated, I was able to get the type of job I wanted, not just because of my understanding of business or my undergraduate education, but because of my ability to speak confidently to clients and to the local business community (in  Naples, FL).  I received a great undergraduate education and am proud of my time studying History, but I could not have been a business professional without my MSBA."
 - Dan Shnaider, MSBA Class of 2012

Professor Stewart McHie
Program Director, MSBA

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