Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Social media with a purpose

Gary Steel from Carnegie Communications is conducting a workshop on Social Media, SEO, analytics and writing for social media.

Fantastic opportunity for our MSBA class. All students have blog sites to experience real exercises rather than just theoretical. 


  1. This was such an interesting presentation. With the future of Google looking so bright, the insight Mr. Steel provided was not only practical, but it also held the attention of the class the entire time

  2. I have to join in the chorus of my classmates - this was a wonderful presentation, and I know we all appreciated Mr. Steel's insight and expertise. His information will prove to be very useful & applicable in our future endeavors.

    Thanks again, Mr. Steel!

  3. I really enjoyed this class. I am not the best with technology, so being able to try and experience this first-hand has been helpful and interesting. With technology being such a key part to today's society and business world, it was intriguing to hear how some of it works and to learn more about the behind-the-scenes functions. I appreciated Mr. Steel teaching us about it!

  4. I enjoyed the speaker insight as well. I'll get my certification as soon as I can find time.