Sunday, October 6, 2013

Career Advice from an Expert

Bradley Peacock, President of Peacock Nine, LLC  in Chicago, Ill recently spent an evening with the MSBA class giving them ideas and tips for career and life success.  Bradley, an English major and Oxford graduate is a long time associate of Program Director Stewart McHie.  He has visited with each MSBA class over the past 4 years and is one of our most popular guests.  His advice to students in this tough environment is to keep your weirdness, stay curious, and be ready to pivot.  

Students need something to stand out from the crowd and must be passionate about something that sets them apart from all the other job applicants.  Interviewers won't remember that you claim to be an extremely hard worker (who doesn't), but they will remember you are a kayaker and have a goal of running two class fives a year.  Curiosity is a trait every one needs today, particularly given the fast pace of change.  And be ready to "pivot" or go in a different direction when the opportunity or circumstances dictate.

His 4 keys to success are summed up in an acronym PAWS; passion, association, work, and service.

We always appreciate Bradley's sacrifice of his time to visit with the class and become an important part of their professional network.

Stewart McHie
Director, Master of Science in Business Analysis


  1. It was a great and truly inspiring session with Mr Peacock. Mr Peacock was very listening and very empathetic as we all shared our stories. One of the most important things I learnt was how to create one's story - a short but effective story that ties together everything about the person. Thank you Professor McHie for inviting him.

  2. I really enjoyed this session. Mr. Peacock was a wealth of knowledge, and what impressed me most was his interpersonal skills. He knew how to make everyone feel comfortable talking, which I think is a great tool to have in the realm of business.

  3. Mr. Peacock’s advice of staying quirky and weird followed along the lines of another recent speaker Congressman Fortenberry. In the lecture he gave to us he spoke about the need to address the person hood in society. Mr. Peacock presented a strong case for doing so by not falling into the mold that society sets. Man is meant to recognize his person hood, his individuality. In doing so he is truly successful.