Friday, May 25, 2012

Popular Career Paths by Degree

Professor Kristen Rompf
I thought it would be useful to reprise this list of possible job categories based on your degree.  This is from the syllabus for the Career Development course taught by Professor Kristen Rompf in the Master of Science in Business Analysis program here at Catholic University. 

This is not all inclusive by any means but serves as a thought starter.  Feel free to add to the list with your comments.

Accounting major:  CPA, staff accountant, accounts payable clerk, auditor, finance analyst, and office manager.

Economics major:  business analyst, project manager, finance advisor, and economic consulting.

Finance major:  financial analyst, business analyst, sales representative, investment banker, accountant, and financial advisor.

International Business major: financial advisor, consultant, financial analyst, import compliance specialist, and trade specialist.

International Economics and Finance major: international economist, trade specialist, financial advisor, international banker, and the Foreign Service.

Management major:  human resources manager, business manager, consulting, purchasing manager, sales manager, organizational development manager, and recruiter.

Marketing major: marketing manager, advertising account executive, media strategist, sales associate, public relations specialist, customer service representative, and project manager.

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