Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Julio Herrera, MSBA '18, is a Politics major from The Catholic University of America. Julio joined the MSBA Program to complement his undergraduate degree with some business skills and figure out what career path he wants to take:

My favorite course in the MSBA program is Accounting and Financial Analysis. It is not because I love numbers and crunching math equations, but because it has been the most useful method of thinking to use. The ability to calculate whether something is worth an investment is critical throughout life. The material I am learning and will learn would've been helpful to me 10 years ago when I was helping my family with property management. Being able to find out expenses and what the return on investment for something is essential. Learning how to dissect a financial statements from Fortune 500 companies shows how much wasteful spending there is. If these large companies can afford to waste millions of dollars and still have successful operations, imagine the possibilities of being fiscally conservative with personal finances at a young age would do?

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Being able to make critical choices is crucial and it molds us into the people we aspire to become. I have personally struggled with finances throughout my life. Growing up in a small industrial city, nothing was ever handed to me or my family. Both my parents were working over-time just to get by. They moved to this country with nothing in their pockets yet made the choices in which they knew investments were going to pay off. What Accounting and Financial Analysis is teaching me is how to make sure I make the proper investments and so I am reassured to make it profitable and worthwhile. It has given me the insight to take a step back and analyze my situation and what I can do to improve myself.

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