Thursday, May 4, 2017

MSBA Student Success Testimonial Series: Greg Portner

Greg Portner, MSBA '17, accepted a job offer as a Data Integrity Specialist at Immixgroup. Below, Greg recounts why he choose the MSBA Program, and how he was able to find his career path.

Q: Why did you choose the MSBA Program?

I chose the MSBA Program because it was a Business Masters program with a foundation in Catholic Social Teaching. This combination of faith and enterprise was very attractive to me.

Q: What company will you be working for, and what will your title be?

I will be working for Immixgroup as a Data Integrity Specialist.

Q: How did you get interested in this type of work? 

Throughout the program I was able to get a feel for many different areas of business. One area that continuously stuck out to me was analytics data/finance. Working with numbers and using data to tell a story and help others to make strategic decisions gets me excited.

Q: How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career path?

The MSBA Program helped prepare me by creating a space for me to have different real world experiences of working with numbers and data sets. The Program helped me to develop the practical skills which I will be using on a daily basis.

Q: What from the program stands out specifically that you think helped prepare you for a career in this field?

The Quantitative Analysis and Finance classes. These were my two favorite classes. My professors were engaging and knowledgeable, and the material was interesting and practical.

Q: Can you recall a favorite memory from the program?

My favorite memory of the program was the Staff Ride in Gettysburg. It was so powerful to walk around the battle field and hear the stories of the men that fought there. Col. Douds did a fantastic job of connecting the battle to our lives in business.

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