Thursday, January 29, 2015

MSBA Student Interns at FoodCowboy to Help End Hunger in America

Roger Gordon, co-founder of FoodCowboy
My name is Ronnie and I am currently an #MSBA student at #CUA. After hearing Roger Gordon speak at a US Chamber of Commerce event, and again when he accepted an invitation to visit our graduate class, I began my marketing internship at #FoodCowboy in 2015! The #MSBA program has taught me a lot about sustainable business models and, in my opinion, #FoodCowboy’s business model is unprecedented. At #FoodCowboy we do not aim to feed just a few families, but take a big picture approach to ending #hunger in #America.

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Barbara Cohen, co-founder of FoodCowboy
 2015 is the year of #sustainability and #FoodCowboy is ready to be a major part of the movement. #FoodCowboy seeks to put an end to #hunger and #waste using #technology and real-time data to transport almost spoiled food to food banks, shelters, etc.

#FoodCowboy has already been featured in multiple media platforms (Huffington Post, NPR, Time Magazine, etc.) and I recently had the unique opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at the TV interview process and all the hard work that goes into the preparation of the interview. We are excited to see all of our hard-work come to life on The Nightly Business Report on PBS in February! Stay tuned for #FoodCowboy’s answer to #hunger.

For more information about FoodCowboy, visit their website at

Barbara and Roger speaking to the MSBA class

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