Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dinner to Remember

We kicked off our first week back in class with our annual etiquette dinner, hosted by Kathryn Marshall.  Ms. Marshall, Associate Director of Career Services here at The Catholic University of America, coached the class on dining etiquette as part of an interview.

Kathryn Marshall, Associate Director of Career Services

Students were coached on everything from how to correctly hold a white wine or red wine glass:

To how to correctly hold a fork and knife (and which to use when there is more than one set): 

To how to eat more tricky and messy foods like the delicious (and slippery) chicken piccata with fettucine pasta:
Overall the evening was a great success. Everyone learned very important information, tips and tricks to remember when dining as part of an  interview. A special thanks to Kathryn Marshall and the wait staff and management of Aramark for making this special event possible.
Gorgeous place settings
Eating appetizers can be tricky when there are toothpicks involved.

Second course spinach and tortellini soup

Third course salads

The intermezzo course - mango sorbet
A delicious main course!

There's always room for a little dessert

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