Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MSBA graduate has job as COO

Bernardo Nogales obtained the position of Chief Operation Officer at Agro Noles S.A. after graduating from the CUA MSBA program. Mr. Nogales gives us a deeper look into his position in the interview below.

Tell us a little about your company

"The main focus of the company is grain production, mainly soybeans. We also have operations in sugar cane and beef cattle. These three branches are located in different areas outside the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The organization decided to get into this type of business due to the high demand for these products not only locally but also in foreign markets"

What you do there?

Bernardo Nogales - Agro Noles S.A. COO

"As a COO I have the responsibility of planning, executing and controlling operations within our budget for each branch of the business mentioned above. I work closely with the CFO and the purchasing department in terms of budgeting, cash flows and purchases. My everyday duties are keeping in contact with every area of operation, and quickly come up with solutions if issues arise. Issues having to do with the use of heavy equipment within production often come up. I have meetings with different vendors that provide services and products, in which deals can be closed depending on the subject matter and the situation. I also have weekly meetings with the whole staff to discuss and plan our priorities for the week, and a daily meeting with the general manager"

How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career?

"The program has helped me in terms of planning and executing. We covered these topics in different classes throughout the program and I now have a better sense of how to approach things and how I can apply planning and executing in my everyday tasks.  Leadership is another strong asset I learned in the program and it is something that has helped me tremendously as professional and in my career."

What really stands from the program that you think helped you get a job?

"Something that really stuck out to me was the constant mentoring that one receives in this program. No matter what your field might be, there is always a faculty member or a guest speaker that can guide you. Through this mentoring I learned how I could reach my goals, and be more curious and focused. One of my favorite moments, which I am sure I share with my peers, was the trip to NYC and the opportunity to visit so many important companies. The highlight was having the chance to be inside the New York Stock Exchange."

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