Friday, September 6, 2013

MSBA Student gets job at KPMG

From Anthony Astorga
MSBA class of 2013
I am proud to announce my acceptance as a Senior Analyst with the Big 4 firm, KPMG.  My main responsibilities will be to evaluate the design and technology of controls through the business cycle and evaluate IT audit findings.

My journey to this position all started when I saw information on the MSBA program on a flyer on the CUA campus.  After reading more, I decided to take a chance and apply for a Master's program.  The day before my undergraduate graduation in 2012, I received a call from Stew McHie (MSBA Program Director) that I was accepted into the program.

You don't just get an education from the MSBA program, you get to experience real world scenarios in which you are put in the position of a business professional making important business decisions.  An example of this is the Field Team Study with Amtrak that taught me
about teamwork, perseverance, and making the client happy.  I use these skills in the office every day and working with a team is easier now than ever before.

After working with Kristen Rompf (Career Development Professor) on my resume, cover letters, and interview skills, I decided to apply to multiple companies including KPMG.  Low and behold, I received a call after graduation from a recruiter at the firm saying how much they liked my resume and how I would fit in perfectly in the firm.  Now I am starting a new career in the position I wanted with one of the best accounting firms in the world.

The MSBA program is unlike any education I have ever received and I am eternally grateful for the dedication, experience, and support that came from everyone involved in the program.

We all wish you well Anthony.

Stewart McHie
Director, MSBA Program

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  1. This is very interesting because while working in public accounting firms I've forgotten there are staff members other than accountants. After reading this blog, I did a bit of research at work in my own firm. I talked to the human resources department and work, in doing so I learned we have an analyst group as well. However it is mostly for recruiting research, they do publish some documents for the audit department after leaving clients. Our group is fairly small, the company is 300 employees and our analyst group is two individuals. But this was interesting to look into.