Sunday, September 15, 2013

Character in Advertising

This post is from Matt Patella, MSBA Class of 2014.  I couldn't agree more with Matt's observation.  Do have the tissues handy.

Beer companies are constantly coming out with commercials. Often times the characters are funny or sexy, rarely are the ads heartwarming. The advantage to creating a heartwarming ad that hits customers at their core is that people will remember the commercial and with the help of the Internet share the commercial. Guinness has created the most recent beer ad that you may want to watch with a box of tissues. In one minute Guinness tells the viewer a story of a group of friends who are willing to go to extremes to play basketball together. The slow song being played during a rough game of basketball indicates there can be more to this game then meets the eye. This ad is popular because it seems to be promoting more than just a beer, it is promoting strong character. The old phrase “A Guinness for Strength” has a whole new meaning now.     (you may have to paste link into your browser)

Matt Patella
MSBA Class of 2014

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