Monday, April 29, 2013

Andreas Widmer inspires MSBA Students

MSBA Student Chris Smith provided this recap of a wonderful evening with Professor Andreas Widmer, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at The Catholic University of America.
Professor Widmer, a former Swiss Guard,
speaks with the MSBA Class of 2014
In a world of uncertainty, Professor Andreas Widmer encouraged us all with the simple message; “You are going to fail.” Though this may seem contradictory, this phrase has got to be some of the truest and most inspirational words any future entrepreneurs could ever hear. This message from Prof. Widmer, one of his many interesting metaphors, made for an enlightening, uplifting, and motivational evening.

The next essential message Prof. Widmer bestowed upon the M.S. of Business Analysis candidates was using and applying the gifts that God has given us. We all have a different box of crayons, comprised of many different colors. Some crayons we will use once, some crayons we will use throughout life. Sometimes crayons are discovered and used later in life; but with whatever colors God has given you, you must paint. All of the features that make you the individual God has designed you to be: your skills, talents, knowledge, abilities, physical features, all of your flaws, and ailments are crayons in the box. Thus everyone’s life is a painting. In order to live the fullest life, no matter what vocation you pursue, you must discover and use all of the gifts God has given you.
Rturning to the overarching theme of failure, Prof. Widmer said it is here that we must learn how to succeed. Nothing is ever going to go as we plan, however we must always keep improving, and trying. One example that he gave was of a homeless priest who had lost his faith. He came to meet the pope, who heard his confession, and brought him back into the faith. Thus, the once homeless priest became the homeless outreach minister for the city of Rome.

Sometimes, I feel we all share the feeling of the homeless priest. At points in life, we lose our path, and are unsure of how to use the gifts that God has given us. However, as I pondered this story, I can say with much certainty, the priest had never planned to become homeless, but who else would know how to reach out to the homeless better than someone who has been homeless? Homelessness became a crayon in the priest’s box. I believe that Prof. Widmer truly connected to us with his overarching message: failure just might be a crayon with which you must color. Just as the priest, you never know where one failure will lead you to a beautiful success.

Thanks Chris!  And now Professor Widmer is a colorful crayon in the MSBA box. We are all enriched and blessed by his presence and spirit and knowledge.

Stewart McHie
Director, Master of Science in Business Analysis

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