Sunday, December 2, 2012

Becket Adams Fans the Fires at The Blaze

T. Becket Adams
Business Editor at The Blaze
Hailing from South Bend, Ind., Becket Adams is one of 12 children. He graduated from Christendom College with a BA in history in 2008 before enrolling in the Master of Science in Business Analysis program at Catholic university two years later (after waiting tables and selling guitars). He has interned with The National Journalism Center and had the opportunity to serve as chief research assistant to both the Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso and The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. Becket joined The Blaze after graduating from CUA with his Masters in Business Analysis.

"My time in the CUA MSBA program was marked by two things: The curriculum and the learning environment.

Whether it was the faculty (experts in various business fields) or the advisory board (a diverse array of knowledgeable businesspeople tasked with the job of mentoring individual candidates), the program provided me with a well-rounded curriculum that was steeped in both the technical and ethical aspects of business.

But equally important was the learning environment.

Several of my colleagues were schooled in the liberal arts (i.e. philosophy, history, etc.) and, as a result, things such as quarterly financial statements and three-month moving regressions were wholly foreign concepts.

However, thanks to the MSBA's dedicated staff, as well as candidates working as a team, mastering the curriculum was all but assured. (Indeed, I was amazed at both the faculty's personalized instruction as well as the teamwork I saw between my colleagues.)

Whether it's the collaboration between colleagues, the willingness on the part of some to help others through tough projects, or the intensive course structure, the CUA MSBA experience is one that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about business and/or furthering their professional career." - Becket Adams, Class of 2011

Stewart McHie
Director, MS in Business Analysis

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