Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why I Chose the MSBA Program & How It Is Helping Me in My Career Path

Have you ever wondered what the MSBA program is all about? Are you a prospective MSBA candidate?

If you are a current senior or recent college graduate wondering if the MSBA program is right for you or how it can help enhance your undergraduate degree, keep reading! Current MSBA student Margaux Arieta answers some questions prospective students might be wondering and sheds light on how the program helped prepare her for her career path.

Q: Why did you choose the MSBA Program?
I chose the MSBA program because I felt that it would be a great place to grow into the businessperson I want to be. I was confident that I would be be adding value to my Bachelor’s Degree, rather than disregarding the subject I spent 4 years studying. I really feel the MSBA program has been very complimentary to my Psychology degree!

Q: What company will you be working for, and what will your title be?
I am going to be a Management Analyst at REI Systems, which is a private Government technology solutions provider located in Virginia. They are ranked 7th among large businesses on the Washington Post’s 150 Top Workplaces of 2016 in the D.C. metro area.

Q: How did you get interested in this type of work?
I consider myself to be an analytical person. I like thinking about things in terms of numbers and finding solutions to problems based on numbers. I was drawn to roles where I would be able to use those quantifying analytical skills along with strategic analytical skills developed from classes such as Managing the Enterprise. My role as a Management Analyst will require both of these skill sets.

Q: How did the CUA MSBA program help prepare you for this career path?
The CUA MSBA program takes a dual approach to Business Analysis that really prepared me for the role of a Management Analyst. We take classes such as Quantitative Analysis and Data Analytics that are all about numbers and data, but we also take courses such as Managing the Enterprise and Technology and Operations that take a strategic approach to business analysis. The blend of being able to understand what the numbers mean while also being able to strategize and tell a story about the numbers is the perfect combination.

Q: What from the program stands out specifically that you think helped prepare you for a career in this field?
Specifically, the case methods used in Managing the Enterprise and Quantitative Analysis really prepared me for a career in Management Analysis. The case method is used to analyze specific management problems and the class discussion really helps to simulate how to go about analyzing tough management situations.

Q: Can you recall a favorite memory from the program?
The New York Trip was one of the best parts of the program for me. I loved being able to bond with all my classmates outside of the classroom and really get to know them all as more than just other students. We also got to spend a lot of time with Prof. McHie and Ms. Kelly in a more relaxed environment!

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