Monday, September 28, 2015

Writing for Business

"It is vitally important to me to be able to help others in their discovery, learning and fulfillment by blending practical, real-world experiences with the academic, as students prepare for the workplace and for life."

– Robert Powers

MSBA professor Bob Powers will teach “Writing for Business” this fall. Professor Powers has developed a course that addresses critical writing and presentation skills and exposes students to practical applications that enhance their writing by using common workplace documents. In his course, Professor Powers will teach students how to live up to employers’ expectations of possessing not only robust verbal communication skills but also the ability to put those communication skills to use in writing. Throughout the duration of the course, students will learn to transition from academic to business writing, write a variety of business communications, prepare the various types of documents required in business writing, master business document presentation, enhance collaborative group communication, and make effective business presentations to individuals and groups. After completing this course, students will have gained an appreciation for the importance of effective communication in business. They will significantly improve their ability to effectively write a variety of business communications and learn the ethical dimensions of business writing.

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