Monday, August 3, 2015

How Does Teaching Ethics Start?

By Jack Yoest
basketball ref
Your Business Professor was teaching our 5-year-old boy some basketball moves in our backyard court …
Grab a jersey here. Push there. Lean. Scream.
Charmaine looked out the window from her home office. As a Kentucky Wildcats fan, she understands basketball’s contact nature, but she had never heard the narrative, the coaching.
“What are you doing?” she asked me.
“Teaching him how to cheat,” I said as I deftly showed my boy my favorite defensive move: How to gently touch the shooter’s arm without getting caught by the referee.
And I have another motivation. Knowing how to “bend” the rules would be a valuable skill if — more like, when! — he decides to run his own business. I am a forward-thinking father.
“I don’t think I like that.” She was worried about our boy. “Isn’t that how all thoseTyco guys got started?”
I stopped to give her argument some consideration....
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