Saturday, July 11, 2015

The MSBA Classroom is a Business Meeting

by Jack Yoest

Dear #AlertStudent we will behave as if the class was all-staff business meeting.
This means that,
There is an employment contract (syllabus).
Attendance is mandatory (a condition of employment).
There is an agenda (lesson plan).
Everyone will contribute (empowerment).
Completed Staff Work is expected (on time; on budget).
Staffers will present ideas conformed to the buying habits of the manager (apple polishing).
Your Business Professor’s jokes are always, always so funny (office-political science).
Taking hand-written notes as the boss speaks (good followership).
Typing on any keyboard as the boss speaks (bad form).
Diddling on your hand-held device as the boss speaks is grounds for termination (an F).
Your Business Professor has 185 direct reports (he does not know your name).
It is the enlightened manager’s job to know every staffer’s every need and desire (results may vary).
It is the staffer’s job to ensure that the boss knows the staffer’s name (in a good way).
Your Business Professor has five children at home (he does not need any at work).
If the staffer prefers revealing, comfortable attire, then Your Business Professor will make every accommodation for the staffer’s preference (in another place of employment).
Meetings begin and end on schedule (Vince Lombardi Time).
There is no such thing as asking the boss a stupid question (an academic lie).
Never volunteer (an Army lie). 
And yes, the student/staffers can bring donuts and coffee. The #AlertStudent knows the favorites of the boss (aka Your Business Professor).
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