Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MSBA grad has new position at CEB

2014 MSBA graduate Logan Scott has started a new position as an account management associate for CEB (formerly corporate executive board).  We spoke to Logan last week about his new position and here's what he had to say:

Logan Scott, MSBA class of 2014
The experience has been really educational, challenging, and overall really great. To be honest I see myself staying with the organization for a while.  I am part of a sales and service development program - SSPD for short. I am on the service and account management (not sales) side.  I have a lot of interactions with members, which is CEB language for clients. Since we are a board, we consider our clients to be members, as they renew their membership on an annual basis. We make phone calls, send emails and do a lot of things members might need such as research required resources and tools and things of that nature to help them do their projects.

I work solely in the legal practice. For example I may interact with a general counsel at American Express or a chief compliance office for Williams Sonoma. In working with them I am learning about legal, risk, and compliance. I'm working with really intelligent, nice people, and it's refreshing to be in an environment where I am able to work with people like that. It’s the core of who these people are. The services we provide our clients we can't do without research and product teams.

We also asked Logan how he thought the MSBA program prepared him for a job in his field.
Having an internship in the spring and a full time workload plus the field team study forces you to prioritize things and to really manage your time wisely. Some people are better naturally but we all have to work at it. Just because you earn another degree doesn’t mean you can manage time better which is something you need having a full time position. My experience in the MSBA program helped me learn to manage my time effectively. Transferring that lesson into the role I have now has been so helpful. I have been able to meet each deadline I've been given. Going through such a rigorous program helped prepare me. I can do my job well because of this program.

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