Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hire God as the CEO of Your Life

The MSBA class was grateful to have Amy and Dan Smith join as guest speakers for last month.

Amy Smith of Amy V. Smith Wealth Management, LLC is dedicated to helping clients invest with purpose and plan for the future and has 17 years of experience providing customized solutions for individuals and couples seeking pre- and post- retirement plans. She also specializes in financial planning for those who find themselves unexpectedly single due to unforeseen circumstances or as a result of their spouse's death

Amy and Dan Smith

Mrs. Smith shared with us the story of how her own life took an unexpected turn after the sudden death of her husband and she was forced to learn firsthand the difficulties faced by someone who is not prepared for life’s unexpected events. In order to provide for herself and her young daughter, Amy decided to pursue financial planning as her profession.

We won't give away her whole story and all of her tips for success, but here are a few snippets from her talk:

Mrs. Smith related many of her points to CUA’s vision of Reason, Faith and Service, stating that it is a simple and correct mantra to live by.

"I found I could have it all but not all at the same time and all the way and the way I wanted."

Have at least three strong mentors throughout your life.

Networking is critical and joining service organizations and being involved in the community is a great way to network.

If your goal is to make a million dollars you won’t be successful even though you may make a million dollars. If your goal is to help people, you will make the million dollars AND be successful.
  • For example: Amy leads bible-based financial management seminars at churches, asking nothing in return. Her husband Dan offers free estate planning advice to potential clients with no fee or obligation.
Focus on the idea of “being” instead of “doing”.

Sir John Templeton of Franklin Templeton fame, when asked what his greatest investment was replied, tithing.

In advising students on how to manage their personal finances as they start their careers and grow:
  • Start a savings discipline early in a IRA or Roth IRA. Contribute regularly and often because company funded or matched retirement plans are disappearing
  • Diversify-unless you have time to do your homework, invest in a mutual fund or a financial advisor. The market is driven by fear and greed and none of us have a crystal ball to predict what will happen
  • Be mindful of the “total Return” on an investment. A total return takes into account appreciation, and taxes on gains and inflation. Just because an investment’s price went up 10% doesn’t mean you put that in your pocket.
BOTTOM LINE: Fire yourself as CEO of your Life and hire God. If you want to see God laugh, show him YOUR plans.

Dan, Amy and Stew
The MSBA class and faculty thank you both for coming to speak to the class!

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